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From the financial point of view, buying a home is one of the most important decisions that will anyone can make throughout their particular life, especially if they need to remove a mortgage to pay for it. Couple of expenses over a lifetime generally exceed that of buying a home. That is why today we are going to discuss the keys to selecting a good mortgage.

If we do not want the particular mortgage to become our greatest nightmare, we must take pencil and paper to make the balances well. It is not enough to check out the monthly fee to become paid, there are other aspects which are as important or more essential than this. We provide you with some tips to choose a great mortgage. Three factors to consider think about a good mortgage

Pay close attention to the interest rate

Pay close attention to the <a href=interest rate” />

For several years the Geribors continues to be negative. This makes lots of people screw up to the bottom whenever they hire a mortgage because they think they can afford to buy a specific house when in fact it is not really.

The not far off thing is that in the next many years the Geribors will increase and be at more “ normal” values, perhaps about 2 or 3%, or even more, and that a monthly charge of 400 euros increases proportionally. When you make quantities with the mortgage keep this in mind.

If you want to protect your self from the possible and safe improves of the Geribors you can choose a fixed rate mortgage. On the market there are very good options with interest rates around 2 . 5%. In the short term it is more expensive however in the long term it can be profitable.

Do not mortgage your daily life

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The longer the particular duration of the mortgage, the more the interest to be paid, to the stage that you could get to pay for your home twice what it cost you. Keep in mind that compound interest plays towards you when you borrow.

Let’s see it with the example so that you understand this better. We will assume a home loan of 150, 000 pounds and an interest rate of Geribors + 0. 99% (normal today):

  • 20-year mortgage: 678. twelve euros / month. As a whole you will pay for your house 162, 748 euros.
  • 30-year mortgage: 470. forty two euros / month. You might pay 169, 351 pounds.
  • 40-year home loan: 366. 93 euros or month. In total, 176, 126 euros.

As you can see, the difference is important. Whenever we take into account point 1 is to do the same calculation but thinking of a 3% Geribors, that is no nonsense, in 20 years the home would cost us 199, 655 euros and in 3 decades 227, 666 euros. The is much greater. It’s to consider it, right?

Associated products and commissions

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Associated products and commissions can change a good mortgage into a very costly mortgage. The ideal to choose a great mortgage is to negotiate the particular commissions with the bank trying to remove them. Or at least remove the starting commission and the partial or even total withdrawal.

As for the associated products, many banks will force you to definitely domicile the payroll and also to take out home insurance plus life insurance. So far it is regular, unless the price of these insurance coverages is well above the marketplace and it compensates you to suppose the penalty in the rate of interest. You’ll have to make numbers.

What you should avoid at any cost are the pension plans plus investment funds that a few entities still require through users who are interested in their own mortgages. They are usually bad lending options that could lead to headaches later on. It is essential that you consider it if you need to choose a good mortgage.