Watch EPL Online with VPN

Is possible to watch EPL live online for free with a VPN?

You’ll probably wonder how is possible to watch EPL live online for FREE with only a VPN subscription. Well, despite what you’ll read on countless websites, you can’t watch EPL by only using a VPN.

So what are my options?

You have two options. Under the shield of a VPN, you can subscribe to different online services which are not available in your country or you can search the web for free streams. Let’s have a detailed look at both options.

1. Paid services

BeINSports – you need servers in Middle East

BeINSports is a live streaming platform dedicated to the Middle East region. So, to signup you need to choose a server located in the Middle East, with enough speed to guarantee a good experience. This can be achieved only with a VPN (see the chart below). The price of BeINSports varies from $180/year to $25/month and you get a lot more than EPL (almost all big leagues in Europe, Champions League etc).
We have tested all the servers from the Middle East for speed and the results are below.

Icon Image

Server speed:

Israel: 😄😄😄
Egypt: 😄

Icon Image

Server speed:

Egypt: -
Algeria: -

Icon Image

Server speed:

Egypt: 😐
Algeria: -

Unlock EPL from the USA
Another option is SlingTV, for which you need to connect to a high speed server in the USA. The subscription is $25/month and includes more than 40 channels. Using ExpressVPN or NordVPN will do the trick.

Are there any other paid options?
Yes, there are more, but not worth the money. Our recommandation is to try to make a BeINSports account, which will cover EPL and many other sports events for just $15 if you pay yearly.

2. Free Live Streaming

There are many free live streaming sites. You can search with Google and you’ll get a lot. Some work, some are just scams.
There are 3 types of free live streams, and you’ll need a VPN to access at least two of them. We strongly recommend using a VPN while you search or watch free live streams.

Free Web Links

The easiest streams to access, they work in any browser and many of them work on mobile devices. However, accessing these sites (“grey zone sites”) without the protection of a VPN is highly risky. ExpressVPN can protect you from adware, spyware or malware attacks, as well as hiding your real location.


These are live streams that work using the same protocol (peer-to-peer) as torrents. The quality of live streams is HD and AceStream works on PC, Mac and Android devices.
To download the software for PC or Android, click here.
To download the software for Mac (SodaPlayer), click here.
To find the best AceStream links, click here.
You must use a VPN with AceStream, because peer-to-peer means that you are propagating the stream while you watch, in order to help other users.


Sopcast is an old but still active streaming software which also uses peer-to-peer technology.
To download Sopcast for various platforms, click here.
To find the best Sopcast links, click here.


Don’t believe any site, no matter how big or trusty it may seem, who says you can watch Premier League online for free or only by subscribing to a VPN.

A VPN will help you a lot to change location and signup for different services (if you choose to pay) and it will help you stay protected and remain anonymous if you use free live streaming links. If you want to use Acestream or Sopcast, then a VPN is mandatory.

What you need when you are using free live streams is a VPN based on a jurisdiction where there’s total safety. In this case, NordVPN (based in Panama) looks the safest choice, even though they do not have the fastest servers. 

Best VPNs for Free Live Streaming

Icon Image


Jurisiction/safety: 10/10
Panama based service
Server speed: 9/10
Price: $11.95/month

Icon Image


Jurisiction/safety: 9/10
British Virgin Islands service
Server speed: 10/10
Price: $12.95/month

Icon Image


Jurisiction/safety: 9/10
Swedish based service
Server speed: 9.5/10
Price: $7.67/month

  • All prices are for one month only. For longer subscriptions, prices will be cheaper for all VPN services.

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